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2020 Ivory Moore Scholarship Recipients

Community College Scholarship

Tamara Smith

Tarrant County College

The recipient of the TABPHE Community College Scholarship is Ms. Tamara Smith, a student at Tarrant County College. 

An excerpt from her essay:

Through research, I recognized Mr. Ivory Moore's devotion to helping people within the African American community reach unattainable dreams and goals. I understand his great sense of commitment to the black community. I appreciate his admiration and resilience, setting examples that far exceed the need and demand for higher learning, thank-you Mr. Ivory Moore for projecting a strong image of how much one can achieve. What you have accomplished is a sign of pure excellence, setting an outstanding example for future generations."


Jeremiah Baldwin

University of Texas at Austin 

The recipient of the TABPHE Undergraduate Scholarship is Mr. Jeremiah Baldwin, a student  at University of Texas in Austin, TX. 

An excerpt from his essay:

“Ultimately, I want to become a certified financial analyst for a while to earn accreditation. Following this, I want to run for United States Senator and represent Texas on the national stage to bring change and growth stateside. I believe that this scholarship program will inspire my thoughts immensely. One of my last goals that I have set for myself is to help youth have a better life than I had. I want to leave the best legacy I can. I know that the Ivory Moore Scholarship for undergraduate students will help me in reaching my goal. If selected, I will represent the scholarship program, my fellow African-American peers and the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education with high esteem, dignity, and quality character.”

Graduate Scholarship

Shawn Johnson

Dallas Baptist University

The recipient of the TABPHE Graduate Scholarship is Mr. Shawn Johnson, a graduate student at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX. 

An excerpt from his essay:

"As a Black male scholar enrolled at Dallas Baptist University, the Lord’s calling to do more for marginalized students in this time is clear. Specifically, in the area of access to higher education and supplemental educational resources...The Ivory Moore scholarship will help fund additional research studies in many of the areas cited in the current essay. Left unresolved, America will continue to birth underdeveloped Black children hindered by circumstance. I am grateful for your time and consideration..."

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